Random Meeting

After running (all the way over) to a St. Paul theater to peruse a script for an upcoming audition, I stopped to pick up some lunch and bumped in to a local director from another theater. Someone I worked with years ago. Someone who, in fact, was on my list of people to contact about my Fringe show. Partly because I need to market myself and remind people that I’m alive and kicking. Partly because he may be someone who might be helpful, now or down the line.

Small talk. “What’s new?” I plug my show.

He mentioned that he thought Williams was the subject of a play done locally about six years ago, and couldn’t recall who wrote it but remembers it wasn’t very well done.

“Oh, well my show’s going to be really good!” He laughs.

He thinks it sounds interesting and offers some space for an upcoming read-thru, and said that he’d come and listen to it. I pointed out that in all of June there are only 3 hours when the whole cast was available, and that it was 10 am on a Saturday, and so it’s kind of set as to when that could be.

I let him know that we’ve just finished our most recent round of edits, and I have to incorporate them in to the first working draft. We left it that I would send him a copy of the script and some info. But I’ve piqued his interest.

I guess it isn’t too early to start the buzz.

I should go out for lunch more often.


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