Picking the pic

Last week we did a photo shoot. Monday the production marketing picture is due to the Fringe. We played with them, adjusted them, discussed them. We’re down to the few finalists (which are really just 6 slight variations on a theme) plus our secondary picture.

The problem was the early playing. I started toying with them and happened to apply a photoshop effect to picture A – and everyone who saw it was drawn to it. I was initially just so-so on it.

OK. I can handle that.

But there was a slightly better picture right next to picture A. It was picture B. The composition was a touch better, and the expression in the actor’s eyes was more purposeful. More intense. It’s a slightly better pic.

So let’s go with picture B, using the effect placed on picture A. Besides, the altered picture A is a low-res jpg. Not what we need. After all, it was just playing, just happenstance. I wasn’t really going for something.

Such is art some times.

Super. How did I do that?

Three hours later, I may have successfully done it. The difference in the raw pics—a slightly different focal point, slightly different hot spots, a small adjustment in composition—all made it truly different. That, and trying to figure out just what had been done.

Will anyone notice? No one but me.

I’ve put ’em up on a web gallery, and sent out a call to vote.

I hope I’m as satisfied in the morning.


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