Your Face on a Business Card

I just have to ask….because I just spotted one…

I understand the need for corporate headshots for things like official directories or such. But the pictures are so lame and boring! It’s always some poorly lit thing, with a bad sponge-painted-looking bluish-greyish backround, and some dude in a polyester, navy-blue suit and tie. Sometimes with a bad mustache, or worse, a bad toup! And it’s not just for men (even if that’s what he’s using), some times it’s a pearl-laden, uptight, woman in a power-red outfit, with bright gold earings and an up-do.


But why put that any thing other than your corporate staff directory?

Why, oh why, would you use it as a gravatar here on WordPress? Or as your profile pic on Facebook? When it looks as if it only belongs on the business card of a realtor?

If I ever have a picture of myself like that, which I really don’t want to see made in the first place, I trust that any number of my good friends will make fun of me enough to get it destroyed.


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