Shooting in the Raw

Oh, life in the theatre! What joy! I’m exhausted.

But I think in a good way.

I took a personal day from the dang day-job because it was getting in the way of actually accomplishing some tasks whose deadlines are rapidly approaching. I needed some breathing room to get some work done. It was a beautiful day outside, so working from home, with my windows open and my dog at my side, was much more appealing than sitting in the windowless, beige, beige and more beige cube.

I was able to work on some production plans, hunting down rehearsal space, wrote show descriptions for marketing materials for the Fringe materials, and arranged (and shot) press photos. [I should just say here that I realize how ridiculous it is that I took the pictures for a show I’ve co-written and am directing, but budget and time constraints made this the best option, and I know I can take a good picture.] 

We’ve been talking about  some ideas of what we wanted in a picture, and I typed up a whole list of shots to take. Then promptly never looked at the list. Fortunately I got most everything anyway, and have more than enough stuff to work with. Everything was shot in RAW to give me the most opportunity for manipulation. I spent last night playing with some of the files – with tints and temperatures and contrast and exposure and shadow and various Photoshop effects.

I think actually one of the coolest things I found was simply in iPhoto (which reads raw files which surprised me.) Boosting the color AND then fading the color almost the same degree makes an eerie look. The more I played with the pictures, the less I liked them as raw, unedited shots, and the more they looked like canvasses ready to be filled.

I could spend hours and hours just playing with the images this way, and it’s really tempting because it’s fun. But I need to find the best ones in terms of composition and how well it will catch and eye and sell this show, and then I can play with those.

Gee, perhaps I should be working at home again today?


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