More Tony

Jumping in with both feet into the Kushner pool.

We continued on tonight with two more chapters of HBO’s Angels. What an amazing cast. And beautifully written scenes. We’ve only the last episode to watch, and I don’t want it to end.

We were talking afterwards about the style of dialogue, and speech. It’s not exactly naturalistic, at least at times. It has a slight, heightened, theatricality to it. I mean, no one really talks the way that Belize sometimes does, do they? But I kind of wish I knew someone who did. I love the line about the….

….cracker who wrote the Star Spangled Banner and made the word free so high no one could reach it…..

Why would someone pull out a line like that? In a conversation like that? Who has that kind of turn of phrase so readily available?

But I think it’s awesome.

I want to hang out with Belize.


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