Tony’s Angels

I need to make a new resolution. I need to see more movies. This isn’t news, but I was reminded again this evening, because I have just finished watching HBO’s version of Angels In America. Finally. That only puts me about….what? Five or six years behind schedule? Turns out it’s a pretty good film, with a damn fine cast. It also didn’t feel like the three or so hours it ran.

I watched it in part as preparation for experiencing some of the Kushner “festival” at the Guthrie. It seems as if everyone who has seen its current production of Caroline, or Change has thoroughly recommended it, saying how amazing it is. I’ll catch that when I can. Later this month I already have tickets to see Kushner’s world premiere: The Homosexual’s Guide to…. to something or other. I understand the title is about as long as the show. Apparently, like Angels, it runs just a bit over three hours.

Three hours?!

I mean, come on. The Guthrie is a brand new theater, and even still, it’s not so comfortable that I want to sit in those seats for three hours. It’s one thing to be in my own living room. With a stocked refrigerator and a remote control. It’s another to be squeezed in crowded theater, usually behind someone who finds it necessary to discuss the show during the show, rather than at intermission like they should.

Wow. That sounds crabbier than it should. Sorry.

But I’ll go anyway, because I suspect it’s going to be good. Probably very good . I suspect it’ll be better than the last world premiere that theater did. (Ugh.)

So the questions will be:

Does it need to be that long?

Will it not feel that long?

Kushner’s done it before. Maybe he can do it again.


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