How to make a 3-dimensional life on paper

I have to admit I may not be very good at this editing stuff. I may not be very good at…cutting.

I’ve spent about the past two hours reading again through the script, and noting changes and rearranging phrases. (There’s still one section I fear is a bit messy and may need some serious re-arranging, by the way.) But what I’m really finding is that I keep wanting to add more! I need to cut about 15 minutes off the show, and all I keep thinking of are things that add time!

What I really want to do is work it, with the cast. Play with the rhythms and tempos and energy. Speed it up, slow it down, make it big, small, angry, flirtatious, funny, sinister…get characters to fight, challenge, manipulate, trick, seduce…..find out organically where this thing lives.

I’m kind of new to this writing thing, so really, these other ways are the way I feel comfortable. I can only do so much in my head, er rather, I guess, on paper. I mean, even when I direct, I’m usually found pacing the floor in the back of the rehearsal room.

I’ll trudge along though. I’ll make this thing work.

I’ll get those bitches to Winnipeg.


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