Coming together, and a random string instrument

Things are finally starting to come together. Last week we took a step back from our script and took a look at what it was all about. There’s a lot of story in there, but there wasn’t much POV, there wasn’t a statement, a lesson, a viola.

Ok, not a viola. Not sure where that would be. And it’s not a musical. Although…wait a sec…what if there were a musician, on stage to play the strains of music we supposedly hear from across the street?….interesting idea. It might complicate things, though. I digress.

The point is that there wasn’t that – a point. Why are we telling what this story? What is it we want audiences to get out of seeing it? What do we get out of it? etcetera etcetera etcetera….

Having had that discussion we’re more primed for moving in to the next editing phase, which is taking the feedback we got from our read-thru a couple weeks ago, fleshing those things out in a focused manner, in order to present the actual actors [who are expected to bring this thing to life] something they can work with. I feel like we might be on to something. We might actually be doing something here.

And with any luck, it might just work.


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