Dog Food and Art

I live in neighborhood that, up until about 5 years ago, had an active Purina factory about a half-mile away. On a humid July morning, when the wind was just right, a warm wafting, the scent of fresh dog food, wound its way through every block and through our open windows. In some ways, it was the only thing that made me want to go to work. Downtown.

The Purina mills and factory sat across 38th St. from ADM (“Supermarket to the World”), alongside an old, but still used, set of railroad tracks. These days the place is abandoned, and some demolition equipment has been sitting alongside it for months, as if this decades old building is going to be razed at any moment. Purina + ADM = approximately three solid city blocks of industrial mills. They’re full of windows and doors and stairways, broken glass, old brick, graffiti.

I mention all this because….it inspires me. I want to get up early some day, and head over there and shoot a bunch of pictures to capture its towering mills, its broken or boarded up windows, it’s weed-filled-cracks that run the length of the decades old brick walls. To capture its history. Before it’s gone.

I think at one point it was supposed to become…wait for it…a site for a new condo! No, really. But now it seems unknown what will happen. I can’t be sure it’s going to disappear this summer.

Perhaps someone should buy it from whoever owns it. For like, $10. And create an arts complex. A new performance space, a  series of studios and rehearsal spaces, an art gallery, class rooms. Ok, maybe more than $10, but still. Take it over.

Give me the money and I’ll make it happen.

But for now, I’ll capture its spirit in a photo or two. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend, and post something next week.


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