Good Enough is not for me

I have a huge dislike for “good enough.” In an earlier post I mentioned that there’s nothing worse than mediocre theatre. It’s true. Bad theatre is better than mediocre theatre. I’d rather see something awful, something without any artistic merit, something weak and virtually uninteresting, than sit through something that screams “we could’ve tried harder, but didn’t want to put in the effort!” Bullshit. Why do something that’s good enough to get by?

Producing a show takes the time, energy and resources to face a lot of challenges and resolve them to the best of one’s abilities. Directing a show—same thing. This summer I’ll be doing both. What I have going for me is: a) I’ve done this before and I know what I’m up against, b) I have a strong work ethic, taking pride in what I do and wanting it to be done well, and c) I’m tenacious and once I’ve made a decision I see it through.

What I have going against me are b and c.

This is where the “good enough” comes in to play. While some traits I have may be positive attributes, they may also blindside me to other things. I may become so focused on a certain aspect or element, that I’ll work to get that, achieve that or create that, even to the detriment of something else. I may inadvertently create a good enough, and not know it.

This is what I worry about.

I’m fortunate that my writing partner and assistant director may very likely know me better than I know myself, and she’ll tell me when I’ve gone off track. And, even more importantly, she’ll find ways to help resolve my desire for “x” while not destroying “y”. She’ll also help me find ways to make “x” happen. You see, we’ve done this before.

So I don’t know quite what I’m worried about, but I’ve got a few important items to put in to place yet. And if they don’t come together, I’m not sure how to avoid good enough.


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