A Good Man is Hard to Find

I once heard that it takes 5 years to establish yourself as an actor in a given market. I also learned that most people drop out of the business after 10 or 15 years. After working as an actor, and sometimes director, for 17 years in Minneapolis, I’d say both statements have a ring of truth.

We have one more role to fill in the cast.

Male. Age 40 – 50-ish. Father figure to victimized teen-age boy.

Turns out these types are hard to find. And by type, I mean “of that age”. Of course, I also mean, smart, talented, reliable, and not crazy, diva, weird, high-maintenance or completely odd. Those latter traits are way too easily found.

And by find, I mean available this summer.

So while most people drop out after 10 or 15 years, it seems more people quit the acting dream after 20 or 25. Not too surprising. It’s a ridiculous way to spend so much of your time and energy, when you can’t make a living at it. After a while you realize you’re not a kid anymore.

As for me, I guess I can say that I’m established here. I at least have enough of a resume, enough connections – although I could always use more work.

But, now I’m thinking I should focus on hanging on for another 10 years. Let other’s retire.


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