Auditions. What an exhausting process. Last night we held callbacks, and ran in to a few bumps in the road.

First off, there was the last minute cancellation. Just before leaving my house for the theater, I got an email that someone couldn’t make it. Normally something like that isn’t a huge deal, even if disappointing. In this case it kind of threw off a big chunk of the evening. Mostly because it combined with….

Secondly, there were the no-shows. Two of them. Now this is just plain wrong. I had a few no shows at the initial auditions. That too is wrong, but at a callback? That’s worse!

I didn’t invite very many people to the callbacks, and had planned on a smooth process of reading a few different scenes with a few different combinations, and moving on. Because of other scheduling issues, the evening was planned in two parts – an early session and a later session. So, the early session….was a mess. I was missing three actors, two of them for a critical role for the scenes being used, and had to scramble to find the right readings! And I had to make some tough decisions.

Third, there was the….how shall I put this…the unexpected. While I did have the cancellations and no-shows, I was lucky to have someone auditioning for the first time, and able to fill in.  This person had been unable to make it the prior night and asked to come the second night instead. I’m a nice guy. This is a low-budget, independent project. I accommodated. And that accommodation was the only way that person would possibly have attended the callback. There was another who did some very, um, interesting stuff.


In the end, however, there was harmony. We went in to the evening with certain leanings, most of which were justified by the end of it all. I don’t even think the last actor had quite left the building when my assistant director and co-writer and I quickly listed our casting choices and they matched exactly.

Well, that’s done. Let’s go get a beer.


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