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I’m excited to see what happens tonight at auditions for the show. I’m hoping my (possibly over-) organized plan will help keep the evening from getting out of control. Auditions can be a messy thing.

Even though I’ve been working on this project for a few months now, I can’t believe we’re ready to cast it.

Seems like just the other day I snapped this picture with my laptop’s camera:


This is the 103-year-old archive of the trial transcript—all 300+ pages, with fraying edges, bound by a cloth piece of string. The State of Minnesota v. William Williams. It was unearthed from a dusty archive box, coincidentally in a building about a half-mile from where the murders took place, a location the murderer walked past after committing the crimes. 

This weekend we held a reading of a draft of the script. That went pretty well.

Tonight and tomorrow we audition actors. Fingers crossed for the same.


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