How to spell ABC

Almost ready. It’s almost ready to be read out loud. Through a few writing sessions we’ve managed to edit the whole piece. Now I just hope to not mess it all up when I make the changes and move some scenes from one end to another. I’m not sure I can wrap my head around it all.

Scene B4, B5, B6B, A2, then B6A, and then A4.

Whatever happened to writing a single, straight story? You know, boy meets girl, boy loses girl? This thing is written in a twisting loop, with mirrored scenes.

Yet, I’m not convinced to relabel it all 1, 2, 3.

It feels good. It feels like it’s coming along. But the next test is Saturday’s reading. How will outside eyes and ears respond?

Will they too believe that sometimes the best way to get from point A to C is to not go through B?


One thought on “How to spell ABC

  1. Are you reading a script aloud? Those sure look like script markings, but you talk about it like its a short story. O.o Guess I’ll have to poke around and read more posts to find out, eh? ^^

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