Hello, Spring

It’s Easter Sunday – a day that always means Springtime. Although, there was a significant dearth of Easter Bonnets seen during our walk around Lake Nokomis this afternoon. But it’s a beautiful, sunny day and it’s nice to have the windows open again. Really though, it’s making me itch to get outside, spruce up the yard, clean out the garden and get things growing again. I peaked out front and discovered some of the tulips and other bulbs I planted last fall have started to poke their heads out.

I would’ve never thought I’d grow up and be in to gardening, and certainly not anything other than maybe a few veggies — which I never do. Our yard is a fairly good size for being within the city so several years ago I dug up a small area and planted a few things, mostly to put room between us the yappy little dog next door. (That didn’t work, so we built a nicer fence.)


But that little area has expanded little by little each year, and now the garden runs along that whole side of the yard and fills around the corner along the garage. There are all sorts of perennial shrubs and flowering plants, and a small ornamental tree, and each year I fill in the spaces between with varying annuals, or grow vines up the side of the garage. This year, I’m planning on two different kinds of sunflowers — although I should get a third variety. One trick I learned is that gardens look better when things are planted in odd numbers.

It’s a kind of creative outlet that is different from all my other ventures, and it’s strangely calming. On a stressful day I can be outside with the dog, pulling weeds or planting things, and it somehow calms me down, perhaps by simply putting my mind on something else. And the sweat labor gives me a real sense of accomplishment, and I reap the rewards on those evenings where we can gather with friends in such a fragrant and cozy environment.

So, I’m itching for the green, and to see more things growing. I want to put out the yard furniture. Fire up the grill. Build a fire. The nights are still too cold, and the weather still to unpredictable to actually do any planting just yet. Almost….almost…..

For now, I’ll be thankful the Spring has arrived. Which reminds me – I should go water my seedlings in the basement. They’re probably thirsty.


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