What are we talking about, again?

My initial posting mentioned the word logic, and referenced leading by the hand.  This morning I find that logic is sometimes lacking, and that my own willingness to lead one by the hand can be tested.

I won’t even reference the antics at my the day-job. I’m currently setting up audition slots for my upcoming show. Numerous people have asked, what I perceive as, unexpected questions, such as:

Where will the auditions be?

When are the auditions?

Will the auditions be readings from the script?

7:30 PM?

All answers to these were clearly stated in the postings – postings one would have to read in order to contact me in the first place. Location. Check. Date. Check. Time. Check. 

No one is going to audition for something like this starting at 7 a.m. 

But, my favorite? The guy who requested an audition appointment, but noted he works until 9 pm, and asked for a later time slot. I accomodated, and said how I had another person in a similar situation. No problem. “I’ll understand if you get there a bit late, given where you’re coming from.” But I pointed out that it sounded as if his work schedule might conflict with our evening rehearsals.

He wrote back and said he thought it would all work out, but that he

“no longer had the original info about which [he] had inquired.”

I could only take that to mean, he didn’t really know who I was, or what he was now going to be auditioning for.

Logic? Ok. I didn’t note the show in my response, and could have. But seriously, if an actor contacts a company about an audition, how about either a) s/he includes something in the subject or original message for her/his sake, b) s/he makes a note some where of these things, or c) s/he looks in his/her sent folder and tries to figure it out, before basically admitting to the person from whom they’re trying to get a gig  that s/he is too unorganized to have an email conversation?

I’d prefer not to turn this into some complete rant, so I will stop there, and I will not comment on the imaginative…yes, that’s it….the imaginative choices some people make when it comes to the format of their acting resume and headshots.

I’m not sure I could do it justice anyway. I just know that there are some people who truly need someone to take them by the hand, and show them the way.


2 thoughts on “What are we talking about, again?

  1. Excellent post. In the 26 years I spent on stage, allow me one story that, I believe, flows effortlessly and in line with your treatise…

    Years ago at AEA in NYC, I was auditioning for the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. They asked for two contrasting, no longer than three minutes….both in verse, both from Shakespeare. As was (and probably still is) the standard at AEA, they brought us in in groups of six. Six actors in 20-minute blocks. The actor in front of me asked what I was doing; I told him. I returned the question and he said he had put together a piece from…………………Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde? I very gently and kindly asked what his thinking was – since the notice for PSF stated they desired Shakespeare. He said, and I remember it like he said it yesterday, “That’s how they bluff us. I’m going to do give them something that’ll knock ’em out.”

    He went in…seconds later, he walked out. They had dismissed him. I caught up with him in the hallway about 20 minutes later and asked what happened. He said “those *&%$#*#@ have no imagination!” and he walked off.

    In truth, the “*&%$#*#@” probably had plenty of imagination. However, they didn’t want to imagine what actors would look and sound like performing verse.

  2. Thanks CG! That’s classic! Makes you really wonder.

    Just to follow up on the interesting auditioners – it was all topped off last night by the guy who told me what time he would be there (as opposed to what I suggested) and even chose a time outside of the period scheduled.


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