48-Hours: I’d do it again

I just stumbled upon a posting about a 24-Hour Film project and it reminded me of my experience on the 48-Hour Film Project a couple years ago. .

I was dragged in to it by a friend – one of those friends I’ve worked with many times, who every time he needs a hand with some project he turns to me, and I invariably say “sure.” The final result is often satisfying, even if the journey there can be some crazy hodge-podge of activities, such as rehearsing at 11:30 @ night, building air-cannons and testing them by shooting various stuff, getting kicked out of the Mall of America or just simply accidentally deleting two weeks worth of video editing and finally understanding the moment of being really upset and saying “I think I’m going to throw up” and meaning it.

Our film project was truly a group effort, where we had two writers, a graphic designer to do the titles and credits, professional directors, all our actor friends, and perhaps most importantly, a producer who happened to have a private studio built in to her garage (which doubled as a studio and editing room) and an adjacent lot that included a park and pond for all our outdoor scenes. 

It was one of the most exhausting weekends of my life, but the intensity and focus on the work was inspirational. I wouldn’t say it was any of our best work, and it’s not something to be done more than once a year, but it’s something we looked back on fondly and know that the next time, we’ll know how to do it better.


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