One More to Go

Last night I received my writing partner’s final parts, and I myself have only one more scene to put together and we’ll have our completed Draft A! And actually, I don’t really even have to “write”, per se. It’s written. I need to transcribe it from the source. (Don’t worry, there are no copyright issues. It’s public domain stuff.) What I really need is the time to do it – this might require a slightly longer lunch than usual.

One might wonder how I have time to write a blog post, but none to do my script? I’m supposed to be working. You know – at a work place that pays me.

Getting this first draft done feels like a great milestone, but I know it’s only the first step in a long process. Now that there’s a bunch of stuff on paper, I’ve got numerous notes for things to add or verify they’re included or phrases to change, not to mention that we’re just going to shift things around and edit down and clean up…..and then, and rather soon, we have a scheduled reading of the script. That’s going to be a day that I’ll be nervous. After that there are more edits, more rewrites, more readings. But it’s the first project in a long time that’s excited me.

One step at a time. Great. Now I’ve got that musical number in my head….”Bit by bit…inch by inch…putting it together….” Ugh.


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